Supporting human resource development in Laos


Lao Disabled People’s Association staff discussing their capacity building plan

The Laos Australia Institute (LAI) is a partnership between the governments of Australia and Laos, created with the broad aim of improving the skills and capacity both at an individual and organisational level within priority economic and social services fields in order to ensure the on-going economic development of Laos.

Despite steady economic growth since the 1990s, Laos remains one of the poorest countries within its region. Over a quarter of its people live beneath the US$1 poverty line, with many more just above it.

The rapid transition to a market economy, along with an increased demand for natural resources and other factors, have resulted in education and training systems falling behind demand, and leaving a number of challenges, including the lack of human resources required for growth.

The Laos Australia Institute, in cooperation with key government agencies and other organisations, aims to resolve many of those challenges, and meet the development challenges of the twenty-first century.

Our partners

The Laos Australia Institute works closely with the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Lao National Commission for the Advancement of Women and the Lao Disabled People’s Association. The Laos Australia Institute also works with the Human Resource Development National Commission, the National Assembly and the Institute of Foreign Affairs.

Key aims of the Laos Australia Institute

Over the next four years, the Laos Australia Institute will:

  1. Assist key ministries, training institutions and partner organisations to demonstrate better management, including the management of human resources
  2. Improve the development and application of sound policies and practices
  3. Improve participation of women in leadership and management roles
  4. Increase the capacity of people with disability, disabled persons’ organisations, and organisations involved in disability-inclusive development
  5. Increase collaboration and networking amongst participating individuals and organisations, and 
  6. Improve recognition and acknowledgement of Australia as an active and responsive partner in the human resource development in Laos.