Human Resource Development Analysis and Planning


Ministry of Education and Sports officials attending a workshop on HRD at the Laos Australia Institute

LAI will work with the Governement of Laos and target agencies to focus human resource development on organisational improvement and public service delivery. LAI and partner agencies will pilot and test appropriate training needs analysis (TNA) and HRD planning methods, in order to develop models which can be replicated for other agencies and organisations in support of national, government, non-government and local human resource development. 

Social Inclusion of women and those with disabilities is a key focus of human resource development, and all components of the LAI Program. 

Target One Group agencies include the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Laos National Commission for the Advancement of Women and Laos Disabled Persons Association.  LAI will also support the National Human Resource Development Committee to strengthen the management and implementation of the National HRD Plan, and hold discussions to assess the possibilities of support to the National Assembly.

A Glossary of HRD Terms is being developed in English and Lao to facilitate discussions on HRD amongst stakeholders and partners.