LAI Progress Report

The Laos Australia Institute (LAI) became fully operational in January 2014 and will continue until June 2017. 

Important highlights of the six month period January to June 2014 include:

  1. Successful mobilisation of the new program, including transition to an operational partnership with Vientiane College, recruitment of national staff, arranging interim accommodation, establishing financial and operational systems and the commencement of program activities
  2. Increasing knowledge and understanding of HRD in Laos through support for MOES as the Secretariat for the National HRD Committee, technical advice on the development of the national HRD strategy and action plan and the production of a Glossary of HRD terms
  3. Technical assistance being provided to Lao National Commission for the Advancement of Women (Lao NCAW) for the strengthening of gender information collection and the monitoring and evaluation of gender outcomes
  4. Consultations with MOHA on HRD priorities, including performance management
  5. Successful management of the 2014 Australia Awards intake through the promotion, screening and selection elements of the cycle
  6. Ongoing management of current Australia Award candidates in the pre-departure program and on award in Australia
  7. Continuing management of over 200 Laos Australia National Scholarships (LANS) students at the National University of Laos
  8. Support for an Australian alumni professional development event focusing on the trade sector
  9. Completion of a review with recommendations for the governments of Laos and Australia for strengthening English language training across the public sector
  10. Undertaking a feasibility study for the possible extension of LANS to selected additional and provincial universities
  11. Completion of an ELRC building assessment and associated budget for renovation works
  12. A detailed Theory of Change developed through a participatory process involving DFAT and government partners
  13. Completion of a Mobilisation Plan, Annual Plan, a Policy Engagement and Communications Strategy, an Alumni Engagement Strategy, a Gender Equity and Disability Inclusion Strategy and a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.