Scholarships and Training

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Human Resource Professionals Graduate with Australian Qualification

 The Laos Australia Institute manages different types of scholarships and training:

 1. Australia Awards Scholarships

 Australia Awards Scholarships comprise study in Australia for a formal academic or vocational qualification. There are currently 30 places available annually to Laos in two categories: the Public category (for government officials) and the Open category (for anyone who meets the selection criteria). Scholarship Preparation Programs and English for Academic Purposes are provided for Australia Awards recipients to prepare students with necessary skills and understandings for living and study­ing successfully in Australia. For more information about the Australia Awards in Laos, please visit: 

2. Laos Australia National Scholarships (LANS) 

The LANS scheme offers domestic university level scholarships in order to improve access to tertiary study for disad­vantaged students, in line with social inclusion and education objectives of the Australian aid program. The scheme originally ran from 1997 to 2009, and was then redesigned, with the new program starting in 2011 with an intake of 70 students at the National University of Laos (NUoL) in Vientiane. In 2015, the program was extended to include Soupha­nouvong University in Luang Prabang. (Read more)

3. Disability Inclusive Development (DID) English Language Program

The Disability Inclusive Development English Language Program involves upgrading English language skills for the benefit of organisations and individuals. The program addresses education and skills for people with a disability and improving workplace capacity of organisations working on behalf of people with a disability and supports the Australian Government’s objectives of the Development for All 2015-2020 Strategy.

The program aims to improve English skills for disability inclusive development including general English in the workplace.

The program is for people with a disability or those working in disability inclusive development. Women and applicants from the Provinces are encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be applied to people with disabilities who need additional support to attend classes (within reasonable adjustment).

Classes commence in May 2020 and conclude in June 2020.

Click here for Application forms.

4. Women’s Leadership Programs

 Evaluations of scholarships and analytical work undertaken by the Laos Australia Institute (LAI) strongly recommends that women’s leadership be more integrated into scholarships and that Australia consider investing more in returned graduates, especially women. This investment in returned and mid-career female alumni and their organisations will result in better use facilitate change processes within partner organisations.   In 2017, the Investing in Women’s Leadership in Laos program commenced, consisting of an Executive Development component for senior women from the public and private sectors, and an Australian TAFE course and qualification in job skills (The Next Generation) for female LANS graduates.  Both components are delivered in country: the Executive Development Program is delivered by the University of Sydney while The Next Generation program is delivered by Queensland University of Technology and TAFE Queensland.

 5. Competency Based Training

 The Competency Based Training for Human Resource Professionals Pilot program trains 30 Lao nationals from MOES and MOHA in basic and advanced human resource management.  The courses run for a period of 18 months and are delivered in country.  Participants will undertake an Australian accredited training program and receive an appropriate qualification.  Delivery of the programs is in Lao, using the Lao language and be workplace based.  Delivery of courses and assessment of competencies is undertaken by the Canberra Institute of Technology.