Every May 17, #WorldTelecommunicationAndInformationSocietyDay takes place to raise awareness of the opportunities that the Internet and other communication technologies can bring to society and economies, as well as measures to bridge the digital gap.


Since establishing his own business in 1999, #AustraliaAlumni Mr Anousa Souannavong has been at the forefront of information technology in Laos. One of his numerous accomplishments has been the design and implementation of the World Bank Trade Information Portal, which has decreased the time and expenses for foreign enterprises looking to do business in Laos.


Mr Anousa Souannavong was born in Saylom Village in the Chanthabouly District of Vientiane. “My father was a cardiologist, and my mother was a banker.” My two younger sisters both earned scholarships from the Australian Government. After graduating from Vientiane High School, I attended Dong Dok Preparatory School for Studying Abroad, where I received an Australian Government scholarship to study a Bachelor of Information Technology at Queensland University of Technology in 1997, followed by a Master of Information Technology in 1999.”


When Mr Souannavong returned to Laos, he utilised the skills and knowledge he gained from his Australian higher education to launch his own company, Cyberia, in 1999. “Cyberia is a 100% privately Lao owned company.” We offer custom software development services such as web-based applications, mobile applications, and website design and development. Our clientele include Lao government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, donor-funded projects, and international organizations.


One of our significant accomplishments has been the establishment of the World Bank Trade Information Portal. The World Bank is funding this project, and our team has installed the system in nearly 20 countries across various continents. We are extremely pleased that our local IT team in Laos has the opportunity to help governments from other countries as part of this initiative.”


Mr. Souannavong still enjoys learning new things and assisting his clients after more than 20 years in the information technology field. “I love everything about my job, every single day, every project, big or small.” I enjoy seeing my clients’ faces light up when they realize that our technical solutions can truly address their problems. This leads us to believe that they are aware of our efforts and appreciate what we have accomplished.”


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