Let’s Talk Disability Inclusion!! #MeetThinkShare

Oct 29, 2018 | OzTalk

Australia lends support for greater inclusion of people with disabilities

Vientiane Times

The Laos Australia Institute is working to boost human resource development in Laos, especially  in relation to people with disabilities.

The institute hosted an event in Vientiane on Monday titled “Oztalk: Disabilities inclusion” for people with disabilities in Laos. It was chaired by the second secretary  of the Australian Embassy to Laos, Ms Sophie Wilkinson.

Speaking at the event, Ms Wilkinson said this was the second Oztalk: Disabilities inclusion  gathering and it featured  many important activities  related to the development  of the education and skills of people with disabilities in Laos.

The institute invited four speakers with disabilities to share their experiences at the event. They included wheelchair basketball player Mrs Phatsala Insalong, and a student who received a Laos-Australia National Scholarship (LANS), Mr Khamta Sengmany.

Disabilities Inclusion Development (DID) is a priority for Australia in Laos and one of the Laos Australia institute’s human resource development programmes.

Oztalk: Disabilities Inclusion aims to build understanding and awareness of DID’s concept that “no-one is lelt behind”, especially people with disabilities.

The event also aimed to communicate that people with disabilities have huge potential and are “able” to contribute to their families and communities.

The massage put across by people with disabilities is that “we each have the right to lead full lives, with equal opportunities and live free from discrimination and exclusion.” Monday’s event also promoted the DID English language programmes and applications for cohort two. The cours will start in January next year.

The Laos Australia Institute is a partnership between the Australia and Laos governments, created with the broad aim of improving the skills and capacity both at an individual and organizational level within priority economic and social services fields in order to ensure the ongoing economic development of Laos.


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